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Under-the-clear-coat transfers

Attractive and super smooth

Powder coating has strongly developed during the past 20 years. The varnish is applied in powder form using an electrostatic method on to the product when powder coating. The product is electrically charged so that it attracts the power. Next, the product is put in a special furnace. The result is a very hard and deeply glossy coat.

The advantages of our under-the-clear-coat transfers

The under-the-clear-coat transfer is applied to the product after being put in the water. Next, it is heated in the oven to give it the best possible protection.

The under-the-coat transfer is applied in moisty condition, making a smooth and precise positioning very easy. The transfer is put into water and can, subsequently, be slid off from the backing on to the product. The advantage of this is that it is very easy to position it on to the product. An under-the-coat transfer is a lot thinner than a dry transfer and is, therefore, ideal to use under the powder coating. The end result is an attractive and super smooth image on your product.